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Hi Gina! As we approach the close of another year, Anne and I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for all of the great time you and your team spend with Chief. From the first day we brought him home he’s always been a pretty friendly dog, but he’s always hated to be separated from us. Anxiety from being a rescue dog, I’m sure. But he’s never demonstrated that kind of anxiousness when Ned or Patrice have come around. In fact, when Ned shows up Chief gets instantly excited and I know he’s going to come home happy and well-exercised, which is just what he needs.

We’ll have had him for two years this February and we couldn’t be more pleased with him and his personality and that’s due in no small part to the time he gets to spend socializing with other dogs at your play group a couple times a week. You’ve been a real benefit to him.

Thanks for everything and have a great holiday!

- Mark and Anne Nevins

The Pet Nanny and her team have taken care of our dog for over seven years, since he was a puppy. Our dog sits eagerly at the window every day waiting for his dog walker to arrive, and wiggles all over with happy excitement when he catches a glimpse of the car pulling up. We are happy that he gets love, attention, and exercise, and we know our dog and our home are in safe, caring and responsible hands. We honestly can't imagine a more reliable and professional pet care service, and certainly don't know anyone more devoted to animals and their care than Gina.

- Jennifer, Nell, Elijah and Jasper

Gina - I just want to take a moment to tell you that we are so happy with you, your business and with Ned. We're so fortunate to know that our little pooch is in such good hands while we're at work. Thanks again for everything.

- John Nocito

Thanks for watching Harper this weekend! I really feel comfortable leaving him at the house with your team watching him vs. keeping him cooped up in a kennel. Please thank Ned, Jason, etc as well.

- Brian Bray

Gina - Thank you so much for hiring such wonderful staff. Buddy loves Patrice and is so happy when she comes to pick him up for his play date. I know that he loves his new friends as well.

- Kristie

My name is Persey. I am a female pointer mix. Since my humans adopted me from a shelter, The Pet Nanny has been taking loving care of me for eight years. I adore Gina and Ned because they take me out to play, feed me, and give me lots of attention. I am very grateful to The Pet Nanny for being part of my pack and for keeping me happy and healthy, and out of trouble. Love you!

- Persey (and Julie) Becker

I was off yesterday and I forgot to cancel Reggie's playgroup date. I am glad I didn't. Patrice came over and I was floored by how excited Reggie got! He literally bounded out the door with her and didn't even look back to see if I was coming. It warmed my heart tremendously to see him that happy. Thank you!

- Carter Calle

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